Salute Bataki Charalabu




I consider it mine and the collaborators of the ELEFTHO Center honor to present to you our center which, in its present form, has been operating since 2011. Our center has already brought significant breakthroughs in the sensitive health field of WOMEN that concern the field of embryonic medicine and also the field of Gynecology.

These sections concern both imaging (embryo ultrasound scanning, NUCAL TRANSPARENCY, ultrasound of SECOND LEVEL, DOPPLER -3rd trimester ultrasound) and in the laboratory field with the development of a Molecular Biochemistry and Cytogenetics Laboratory. In the field of Gynecology hysteroscopy with "office hysteroscopy" is an innovative procedure for examining the endometrial cavity with great precision and reliability. The value of this method is that it now takes place at our facility and not at the hospital. Hysteroscopy is used to diagnose and treat various gynecological problems as well as to investigate infertility.

Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, staffed by leading scientists with experience not only in Greece but also abroad.

After my return in the year 1990 from my postgraduate studies at COHIN TARNIER LA ROCHEFOUCAULD PORT POYAL maternity hospital in PARIS, as a hospital doctor, on fetal medicine and prenatal control but also my continuing training which includes a European council scholarship, my the desire to create a centre in Crete also integrated health services structures for WOMAN in embryonic and gynecology.

After several years of hard work in the field of embryonic medicine by performing umbilical cervical screening (Cervical Transparency, Second Level and Doppler) as well as making amniocentesis, taking trophoblast and invasive operations in multiple pregnancy, in 2011 we completed our services with the creation of the molecular biology and cytogenetics laboratory as well as the development of additional health services for women at the level of absolute specialization, as well as in the surgical "one day clinic" techniques with "office hysteroscopy".

Our goal is to help not only the women, but those couples who have infertility problems. For this purpose, beyond our current diagnostic techniques (ultrasound scanning), we collaborate with the most reliable centers with assisted reproduction units, with embryology and fertilization laboratories and thus we have the best results per attempted effort. Moreover, infertility must no longer be treated as a "taboo" but dynamically, with appropriate treatment and individualized criteria.

Thus, people who come to us get offered an integrated service to the gynecology of molecular gynecology and cytogenetics. With scientists and state-of-the-art machinery.

With our sophisticated ultrasound with three-dimensional imaging, we have now both general and gynaecological ultrasounds. Science and technology in this field has gone so far so that the three-dimensional representation of the fetus within the woman's womb is now possible and we will be able to offer it to you by giving a unique experience to the couple.

But our capabilities continue even more with the endoscopies we do in cooperation with a private clinic.

By taking care of comprehensive medical care with the full expertise of the scientific associates, with full functionality, comfort and security and with the support of the most modern IT systems in the management of medical records, we aim at direct, sensitized, correct and personalized approach and treatment of the patients.

All these can be done in a hospitable environment with a good organization. The center premises are monitored by a closed circuit television.

Finally, it is easy to park in our center, as there are always parking spaces on the street.

The ELEFTHO OE Center is a SPECIALIZED CENTER and we are at your disposal to solve each problem that is related to our activities.