Biomedical technology

In our modern facilities we have all the modern biomedical technology that can contribute to the prevention, early diagnosis, management and treatment of the problems of the female reproductive system, female fertility, pregnancy, embryo and childbirth.

In our facilities, the answer to the agonizing questions of the future parents: "Is our child strong? Are they able-bodied? Growing normally?" is given, mostly due to the three-dimensional ultrasonography and also: 1st) From the ultrasound during the 12th week., 2nd) by ultrasound B level 3rd) with fetal biometry, 4th) from the biophysical profile (measuring respiratory movements of the fetus, fetal muscle tone assessment, monitoring fetal movement, amniotic fluid volume measurement and traffic estimation placenta) and 5th) with the fetal flowmetry (measurement of the flow rate of blood in the fetal vasculature colored doppler) .

So we can control situations such as delayed development of the child in the womb, maternal hypertension, diabetes mellitus, prolonged gestation, awareness of pregnancy in factor Rh, heavy maternal systemic diseases (heart disease, kidney disease, anemia etc.), and finally the pathological decrease of amniotic fluid.

The possibility of us taking tissue from the fetoplacental unit (amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, fetal blood taking) can timely diagnose hereditary diseases of the fetus (chromosomal abnormalities, metabolic diseases, etc.).
Conducting the test-prematurity in our clinic, enables early detection of the risk of birth of a premature child.

Our care for the pregnant and expectant mother is completed with the preparation for childbirth. This is done through a series of psychoprofylaktikis courses (painless childbirth) performed by qualified personnel.

Proper and comprehensive knowledge of gynecology and gynecological ultrasound and the application of color doppler, the three-dimensional echocardiography and Doppler potential in gynecology enable full studies of the reproductive system problems of women and the fertility problems in it.

My experience in classical surgery and laparoscopic surgery in gynecology ensures the treatment of many surgical problems of the female reproductive system, with traditional and new laparoscopic techniques.

Application level routine modern methods for the prevention of cervical cancer and endometrial cancer with the correct application of the colposcopic diagnosis and test-endometrium.

Treatment of pathological problems of the cervix with modern and effective methods provide the possibility for timely and quick recovery of this sensitive point of the woman.